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With our latest dealer-level diagnostic equipment, we can find engine faults quickly and effectively, potentially saving you money. Dashboard lights can be an indication that something is wrong with your vehicle and should not be overlooked. With our professional-level equipment, you can rest assured that we will find the issue and rectify it as soon as possible, getting you back on the road in no time. Additionally, although these issues may not be expensive to fix, early diagnosis is key. So, as soon as you notice an issue, book a diagnostics check with us.

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Full Engine Diagnostic Test

We will use our equipment to check all aspects of the engine including the brakes, exhaust system, and other major components. This test can point our technicians in the right direction to the area of the car that may have an issue. Once we have found the potential culprit, we can then discuss with you whether you would like us to repair it for you. We will never carry out work without your say-so.

Why is it Important?

Before this technology was available, finding out what was wrong with your vehicle was a time-consuming and expensive process. However, now we are able to find faults much faster and more reliably, meaning that we can get you back on the road promptly. Not only can this test diagnose common dashboard lights, but it can also point our mechanics in the direction of low fuel economy, low power, strange noises and so much more. This test can thoroughly check all aspects of your vehicle’s engine. Therefore, prolonging its life and saving you money!

We Offer Repairs

If there are issues with your vehicle that have been discovered during a diagnostics check, we can carry out the repairs for you, for a hassle-free service. Our mechanics are all fully qualified with many years of experience. We have also worked on a huge variety of vehicles from classic cars right through to brand new ones. Additionally, we can also provide branded parts for vehicles under warranty, so you can rest assured that no matter your requirements, we will be able to assist you!

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